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For over a decade, the founders of JewishBuilder have been supporting faith-based organizations use technology to connect, grow and prosper.

Howard Brown, CEOHoward Brown, Co-Founder and CEO,  started with a partner in 1999 as a 501(c)3 non-profit to holistically help the Jewish community. advances membership, particpation and volunteerism in 12 Jewish cities / communities, 2 North American non-profits, private-label service that processes hundreds of thousands of Jewish events and matches 1000's of volunteers every year. Prior to starting, Howard was Western Areas VP of Sales for NaviSite and VP of Sales at Liquid Audio where he was instrumental in successful Inital Public Offerings at both companies. Currently a Sholom Comay Fellow for the American Jewish Committee, Howard has also been a Wexner Heritage Foundation Fellow and currently serves as the head of the Marketing Committee at the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit.

Brent Cohen, President

 Brent Cohen, Co-Founder and President, is a business executive with 20+ years of experience working in large companies and early stage firms. From the mid-80's to mid-90's he was an award-winning political media strategist producing over 600 television and nearly a thousand radio ads for candidates in 38 states. With stints as head of digial media strategy for Grey Advertising, AOL's Entertainment Asylum and, Brent co-founded in 1999 and served as its Chief Operating Officer. Raising over $30 million in venture capital, he grew that company to 175 full-time employees with a run-rate of more than $2 million in monthly retail sales. Founder of the National Jewish Research Council he was consulted for many prominent Jewish philanthropies including the Avi Chai Foundation, the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles and Access|Middle East which named him as Chief Operating Officer in 2003. He taught "Advanced Marketing Strategies for Non-Profits" at the American Jewish University and started a children's religious education program for Nashuva. Brent is a Board member at The Santa Monica Synagogue and serves as an advisor to Jewish Jumpstart.

With social networking exploding in popularity, we are excited to apply our experience to help meet  the unique needs of Jewish community organizations. 

As a service-based company, we realize we are nothing without our clients.  We strive each day to deliver you tremendous value with the highest integrity and honesty. Besides, if we're not acting like mensches we'll hear about it from our mothers!

While you’re here we want to know how you think we are doing. We value your opinion and pledge to work with you to make JewishBuilder a place for all our people.