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Online Giving: the SECURE and EASY way to increase giving in a tough economy

We provide an extremely easy way for your organization to receive cash membership dues and asset gifts online:

  • LOWEST credit-card rates in industry: Start at 2.09%
  • Member-created and controlled accounts
  • SECURE PCI DSS Compliant online processing
  • No donation ‘float’—get your money quickly
  • Branded experience-members see your logo
  • ASSET donations open up NEW avenues for giving

We make it easy to take cash donations

Here’s the naked truth about 99% of online payment providers working with non-profits: They make their money off YOU AND YOUR DONATIONS. They typically charge set-up fees, transaction fees PLUS a % of the amount given. In fact, they often charge you HIGHER credit card processing fees and take a larger % then if you simply went to your bank and set up a merchant account!

JewishBuilder is different.  We help you set up direct ACH processing and credit card merchant accounts, eliminating the middleman. Our state-of-the art processing partner is fully PCI DSS Compliant site and is used by hundreds of non-profit organizations. Our fees are part of the subscription tier pricing that not only provides online donations but also video, no ads, full page branding, reports and more!

How does 2.09% + $0.25 per transaction credit card processing sound? Plus, every penny of every payment is under your direct control. Gifts move from the giver to your organization's accounts within hours. Our processing partner does not "float" your donations. We simply processes and report activity while enabling secure and seamless integration with your pre-existing website.

Non-cash giving – unlock the wealth of your congregation

Your members have a lot of ‘stuff’. In fact, it’s estimated 91% of America's wealth is in non-cash assets, yet the vast majority of non-profit organizations receive less than 20% of their gifts from these assets.   Our partner helps provide an easy way to donate non-cash assets including items such as:

  • Vehicles
  • Boats
  • Timeshares
  • Jewelry
  • Business inventory

Our partner is a non-profit organization itself and offers you the expertise and tools to turn ordinary and extraordinary assets into dollars for good. JewishBuilder offers you a turnkey solution. You help identify the gifts and we do the rest by facilitating the gift beginning to end. From working with the giver to arranging delivery to finding the best outlet to liquidate the asset... we've got you covered! We do all the administrative work: reporting, receipting, research, and verification. We have the expertise and ability to capture even the most complex asset gifts (i.e. real estate).