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A Piece of Silicon Valley: Q&A with Howard Brown

Detroit, MI - (October 15, 2009) It's fair to say Metro Detroit wants Silicon Valley. It wants its diverse economy, its piles of venture capital, its fleets of cutting-edge start-ups and legions of innovative entrepreneurs. In essence it wants Howard Brown. And it has him. [full story]

Free software from JewishBuilder™ helps synagogues and other Jewish groups, agencies and organizations privately connect with members

Los Angeles, CA - (May 27, 2009) In these tough economic times, synagogues and other Jewish organizations need cost-effective solutions to better connect their members and build a stronger community.  JewishBuilder announced today that any Jewish organization can start a free, branded social network at [full release]

Just the Facts, mam.

Date:  December 6, 2008
Publication: Brown Blog Report

Recently I came across a new and wonderful resource for churches called CircleBuilder... [read more]

Courting the faithful online

Date: November 26, 2007
Publication: Bnet

Want to evangelize your business? Brent Cohen knows how. After years as a fundraising and marketing specialist in the snake pits of Washington D.C., Cohen heard a higher calling and co-founded, a social networking platform for faith-based communities. [see video]