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Why choose JewishBuilder as a Jewish Social Networking Tool for Your Organization?

  • Experience a private, branded, and controlled environment for Jewish social networking
  • Enjoy a Jewish Facebook alternative, with enhanced connections to Facebook
  • Capitalize on Jewish growth ideas using the social media touch points your members need
  • Start an Internet Jewish community today (no kidding) with easy-to-use free software and free Jewish web tools

Jewish Social Networking and a Jewish Facebook Alternative 

Online social networks, like Facebook, have exploded in popularity. Chances are that members of your own community want to connect with and learn from each other, but would feel more comfortable in a Jewish social networking environment.

The unique needs of Jewish community organizations involve features not found in typical open environments. JewishBuilder helps you harness the power of connective technology and manage concerns over member privacy,  branding and content control. Using JewishBuilder, you and your members can enjoy a Jewish Facebook form of social media, and know that members of your social Jewish family are on the other end of your Internet connection.

Capitalize on Jewish Growth Ideas using Social Media Touch Points

Social media CAN help you capitalize on growth ideas to grow your membership and community. JewishBuilder delivers the "Touch Points" you need and the features you demand. Our Tour page explains how JewishBuilder's Jewish social networking works.

Start an Internet Jewish Network 

Hundreds of faith-based organizations trust JewishBuilder for our:

+ FOCUS ON FAITH: Our platform, features, and free Jewish web tools are built to meet the unique needs of Jewish organizations.

EXPERIENCE: The Founders of JewishBuilder have nearly 10 years experience delivering technology to faith-based organizations and already, hundreds of organizations have allowed us to serve them and their members.

+ JEWISH FACEBOOK ALTERNATIVE: JewishBuilder is MUCH more than a social network. Our private, branded, rules-based Jewish social networking and connectivity engine is built solely for Jewish community organizations to help advance community, communication, participation, membership and service.